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Airless Pump - 75 ml

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75 ml Airless Pump
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75 ml Airless Pump fills from the bottom. Complete Instructions: No special equipment needed. Here are step-by-step instructions. Turn container upside down so that you are looking into the body. Begin to pour product into the cavity/body. If you see air pockets forming, gently tap container on the counter to help settle liquid. Keep filling until you are 1 " from the bottom, but it is upside down so 1" from the top of where you are looking. The PISTON is the round piece that has a valve in the center and looks sort of like an eye. Slowly place the flat side of the piston into the container (it will have to be wiggled in at first). SLOWLY push the piston down until a small amount of lotion/liquid comes out of the valve. Take your fingers (or a pair of pliers) and place your thumb OUTSIDE the container and your pointer finger against the INSIDE of the piston. Pinch your thumb and pointer finger together so that you are squeezing the piston against the wall of the body. My fingers are not strong enough so I use the pliers to "clamp" the sides together. *** If you use a pair of pliers, wrap something around the teeth on the outside of the container so that it doesn't scratch the outside of the pump bottle. While your fingers are pinched, GENTLY press on the "eye" valve at "3:00" (imagine a clock) until you hear a click. Then with your finger rock or tilt the valve over to "9:00" until you hear a 2nd click. Run your finger over the valve to make sure it is seated flush. *** If you do not hear 2 clicks it is not sealed. If you push too hard, the valve can ‘break off’ and fall into the liquid.