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  • RETURNS - Please inform us of any breakage, or missing items immediately. You must take pictures of any breakage and email them to us for verification. Most items can be returned within ten (10) business days, EXCEPT: fragrance oils, essential oils, flavor oils, carrier oils, liquid and powdered chemicals and dyes. We're sorry, but due to the nature of these items and for sanitary reasons, they are not returnable. We will gladly refund your money on any other UNUSED items, less shipping and handling. If an order is returned and it has been used, you will NOT be credited for that particular item. There is a 25% restocking fee on ALL returned items.
  • CANCELLED ORDERS - Once you have submitted your order online, and you decide to cancel it, there is a 10% cancellation fee, due to the paperwork, manpower, and Merchant Service fees necessary to originally process your order, and another merchant fee to credit your account. If your order has already been filled, and you decide to cancel it, there is a 25% restocking fee, regardless of the value of your order.
  • REFUSED SHIPMENTS - If you place an order with us, and the package is refused and returned unopened, there will be a 25% restocking fee, and shipping/handling will NOT be refunded, no matter what the value of the order is. Before your credit card can be credited for the unopened package, we will send an email to you asking for the reason for refusing the shipment. This is for your benefit, to be sure that you actually refused the package and that it was not misdirected to an incorrect address.